Column Marieke van Echtelt – Managing Director

Summer is often a time of reflection. But while I was ticking off my packing checklist a couple of weeks ago, plans for the second half of the year were already waiting around the corner. I was excited to start again after the wonderful time I spend with family. A lot of great new developments in the pipeline. Many new people starting at DVJ, 6 over the summer alone. Lots of new spirit and excitement for the rest of the year, enhanced by the recent introduction of our Charity Team to raise money for Beat Batten. Safe to say I was excited to get back to the office 3 weeks later.

A bag of opportunities

When you’re packing more and more things in your already overflowing suitcase, it’s important to look at what’s already there. Whilst a lot of new things are going on, I never forget to take a moment to reflect on the foundation that’s already built. We work for great brands, which we help realise growth. We have attracted many new clients over the past months, and talk to a lot of potential new clients. We are very proud that such amazing brands choose to work with us. Of course, we know we approach research better and differently, but it’s great to see more and more brands noticing. After all, the time to look at plans for the new year has already begun. Marketers are looking at how their brand is being perceived, and how to measure this in the best way. It’s good to see more and more brands are including us in this process.

Attaching our Brand Growth label

Next to our research projects, we keep in constant contact with the industry. This year alone, we interviewed 31 (and counting) top marketers and CMO’s about the role of innovation in brand growth. ‘De Grote Marketing Enquête’ (the Brand Growth study) has just finished its field work, and was held among marketers in the Netherlands and the UK, in partnership with Adformatie and Marketing Week. The marketing profession is constantly changing, and it’s great to see DVJ can be the connecting piece of the puzzle. In October and November, the results will be presented on our own Brand Growth Event on the 3rd of October in Utrecht, and on the 17th of October in London, next to our presentation at ‘Het Grote Marketing Congres’ (the great marketing congress).

The key to success

The third and final element of our foundation can be found in our organisation. Our success ensures we can continue to develop ourselves. To fascinate and maintain our dedicated, reliable, intelligent and highly capable people. Everyone at DVJ is part of the driving force behind our success, not only this year, but the years before as well. Complemented with new talent coming in, they will remain our key to success in the months and years to come.

Time to unpack

So, it shouldn’t come as such a surprise, that after a great, relaxing holiday, I was very much excited to get back into it. Of course, rest is an important element to be ready for those next steps. No good performance without a proper recovery achieved during your time off. Back at the office, another packed suitcase full of opportunities was waiting to be collected. And for us to unpack in the remaining months of 2019.