Column Marieke van Echtelt – Managing Director


The new season has begun, and I’m not talking about Netflix series. It’s the time for juries. Applications have started, deadlines are coming, and juries are starting to rate other’s work. In the Netherlands we just had the deadline for the AMMA Awards, the SAN-Jury has started, Effie’s are next. Just to name a few. It’s also a new season for the MOA Awards, the awards that crowned us best research agency last June.

New faces

And it is how we made that possible as a company that counts. I’m always looking to get the most out of people and teams I work in and adding new faces to an environment contributes to that. So, last month we fulfilled our second methodologist position in the Dutch office. Lisette Kruizinga – de Vries strengthened our Center of Expertise to help translate findings from the academic world into DVJ Insights’ products and methods. The drive to integrate science more in research, is embedded in DVJ’s DNA. Which was also a big contributor to our recently announced PhD position in partnership with the University of Groningen.

The RIA’s

On top of that, we are always looking to improve ‘the best place to work’. Something we do to contribute to this, is our annual Reality Innovation Awards, otherwise known as the RIA’s. Teams are made 2 months ahead of time and must come up with a new product idea and question type. Not only contributing to DVJ’s innovative nature, but also making an enjoyable event everyone looks forward to each year. Which really showed in this year’s presentations on February 21st.

Your best version

But we don’t stop there. Aside from improving the best place to work, we also want to contribute to a healthy workplace. I’m all up for a session at the gym, and this year we want to give everyone in the office the same opportunity. That’s why we continued to contribute to their monthly sports subscription this year. It’s all about keeping improving, not just with your gym workout or your next football match, but in the place you work too.

In conclusion, it’s safe to say we are working hard towards an even better 2019. After all, the new season has begun. Not just for juries, but for agencies all the same.